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Rules And Regulations  
  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty
  • Value based education
  • Tailored Learning Programme
  • Well stocked Library
  • Competitive Exams & Olympiads
  • Nursery of Excellence
  • Scholastic Activities 1
  • Special Emphasis on Indoor and Outdoor Games
Rules for Payment of Fee
  1. Fee is to be paid before the 10th of every month. Fine 5/- will be charges per day from each defaulters after last date.
  2. Fee will have to be paid as long as a pupil name is on rolls.
  3. Fee of vacation months to be deposited in advance.
  4. Student admitted to any class should pay 12, month’s fee, even if they are admitted late.
  5. Transfer certificate will be issued either on one months’ notice in writing by the parents or on payment of one month’s fee in lieu of notice.
  6. No brother/sister concession is generally granted to students concession is purely granted on merit and to poor student only.
  7. Parents/guardians are advised in their interest to deposit fee in convenient installments.
For Promotion to the next class, the following factors are taken into account
  1. Regularities in attendance but not less than 75%.
  2. A student must secure 50% marks in each subject in half yearly and finals exams.
  3. A pupil failing twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue his/her studies in the school.
  4. Pupil absent from an examination for any reason will not be re-examined. Absence of examination without any grave reason will be considered as having failed in case of illness, a medical certificate must be produced. The decision of the Principal the matter of promotion will be final and irrevocable.
School’s General Rules:
  1. No student can leave the school premises before the school timing without the permission of principal, the same will be granted only at the specific written request by the parents/guardian.
  2. Student’s participation in all the function and activities of the school is compulsory.
  3. Every student is expected to reach the school by 7:30 a.m. in summer and 8 a.m. in winter. Late comes will not be permitted to attend the school.
  4. Students are reminded to address their teachers with due respect and politeness.
  5. Students should take care of their books and personal belongings. Each article should be marked with pupil’s name & class.
  6. The school is note responsible for goods, or money lost. We discourage students bringing costly articles to the school.
  7. The students are expected to bring tiffin with them for the noon recess.
  8. School property damaged or destroyed will have to be repaired for; a fine may be imposed for such offences, if committed in tentationally.
  9. Money or articles should not be lent or borrowed or exchanged by the students.
  10. All students must come to school in neat and clean school uniform.
General Guideline for the Parents/Visitors
  1. Meeting the teacher during teaching hours is strictly prohibited. However in urgent cases, parents can see the principal.
  2. Parents can see the teacher on Saturday in the last hour except on second Saturday.
  3. Criticism of school authorities is not a healthy practice and it should never be done in the presence of children as it will affect your own children.
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