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Training Session for Medical Students at PUSA Institute
Event Start Date : 22/06/2017 Event End Date 22/06/2017

Our Medical students during a Training Session at PUSA Research Institute in New Delhi.


JPDAV medical students of class XI and XII along with their teacher Mrs. Deepika visited NRCPB, IARI Delhi

Under the guidance of Dr. S.K. Bhatt and Dr.Bisht students were exposed to various biotechnology, techniques like PCR, genetic Enginnering, gel electrophoresis. Students were also taken to genome sequencing lab where they understood the mechanism of whole genome sequencing. They were shown the Biolistic (Gene gun) method for transformation to plant tissue and were explained why this is gaining importance in biotechnology labs along with its limitations. Also they got a chance to explore the various steps involved in plant tissue culture.

Dr. S.R. Bhatt also had an interactive session with students to make them aware of various career opportunities a medical student can opt for. Students showed very keen interest in the interactive session and shared their opinions with Dr. Bhatt and Dr. Bisht.