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  •   22-05-2024

    Vacancy 2024-25 Click here

  •   15-05-2024

  •   15-05-2024

  •   15-05-2024
    Class XII Toppers of the session 2023-24
    Ishika Solanki 97.2%

    Sahiba 94.6%

    Aarti 94.2%

    Ojasvi 93.2%

    Ritika 92.2%

    Nancy 89.8%

    Kamna 89.2%

    Khushi 88.4%

    Palak 88.4%

    Anshul 87.8%

    Vansh Jangra 87.4%

    Yogita 86%

    Neha 85.8%

    Ankush 85.6%

  •   08-05-2024

  •   08-05-2024

  •   08-05-2024

    The students of JP DAV Public School , Ganaur participated in 10th Short Roller Skating Championship 2024 at Rajiv Gandhi Sports Club (Sonepat ) on 5th May 2024 and won medals🥇 in Skating. Their hard work and talent to come out on the top.
    Heartiest Congratulations🏆to all the winners for their exceptional performance.
    1st Kartik Verma IXA
    2nd Sanvi. VA
    2nd Pawani. II A

  •   08-05-2024 | Download

    My Response Activity 🎙️ 🎙️

    JP DAV Public School has started 'My Response Activity' in the school during Morning assembly. It aims to enhance the English Speaking Skills of the students. This activity encourages students to reflect on their learning—what they learned, how to apply what they learned, and what questions they still have
    Students participated enthusiastically and prove the importance of the activity. Here are some glimpses.

  •   05-04-2024

  •   05-04-2024

  •   23-02-2024

  •   23-01-2024

  •   14-01-2024

    Dear Parents,

    It's my immense pleasure and honor to announce that Our Sports Teams has gifted

    7 Gold (🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇) Medals

    7 Silver (🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈) Medals

    9 Bronze (🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉) Medals at National Level

    Congratulations all of you in abundance 🎆

    Warm regards

  •   14-01-2024

    For seeking admission parents or guardians have to register their ward with FREE registration SCAN.(FOR ONLINE)

    FOR OFFLINE REGISTRATION CONTACT 9991558608 & 9467058670.

    OR VISIT Visit School Reception.

  •   14-12-2023 | Download


    D.A.V.National Games 2023-24

    (Cluster Level)

    By:- Sports Ministry of India

  •   21-02-2023


    You can also make online payment in our Saving Bank Account.

    For online payment of fee, the details are as given below:

    Saving Bank Account No. 0661000100312701

    IFSC Code PUNB0066100.

    Note--Send screenshot of transaction or fee slip to class teacher also.


    DAV Team

  •   18-10-2021 | Download

  •   20-12-2023

    DAV Ganaur at State Level games. Whole state is talking about DAV Ganaur at this evening.

    Total Medals so far at State Level

    44+11+15= 70medals

    Gold-4+4+36= 44 medals


    Bronze-11+4= 15 medals

    Total Students selected for National so far -55

  •   21-02-2023 | Download

    Dear Parents

    Now you can also pay your ward fee by scanning the Scan Code attached here.

  •   02-04-2023 | Download

  •   16-04-2023

  •   16-04-2023

  •   12-05-2023 | Download

  •   27-05-2023

    आज दिनांक 27 मई 2023 दिन शनिवार जयंती प्रसाद डीएवी पब्लिक स्कूल ,गन्नौर में विद्यार्थी परिषद 2023-24 के लिए अलंकरण समारोह का आयोजन किया गया। इस अवसर पर स्कूल हेड ब्वॉय के रूप में रक्षित यादव , हेड गर्ल के रूप में इशिका, स्कूल सेक्रेटरी के रूप में अंशुल , वाइस हेड गर्ल शिवानी और वाइस हेड बॉय विनय को चयनित किया गया। जयंती प्रसाद डीएवी में पूरा स्कूल चार सदनों में विभाजित है; जो क्रमशः इस प्रकार हैं - अग्नि सदन, अंबर सदन, पृथ्वी सदन और वायु सदन । विद्

  •   31-05-2023

    Our Channel

    Dear Parents

    Kindly subscribe to our Official YouTube channel by clicking on the link to watch all kinds of activities and functions being organised at JP DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL


  •   02-06-2023

    Dear Parents

    All videos of school functions and activities will be uploaded on the school official YouTube channel. Kindly subscribe to the channel by clicking on the link https://youtube.com/@davschool8642 for all updates.

    Warm regards



  •   16-08-2023


    It is a matter of great pleasure to share with one and all that our school BHANGRA TEAM has been awarded SECOND POSITION and Special Appreciation to The Group Singing Team of the school by the Respected Chief Guest MLA Nayanpal Rawat Ji and Honourable SDM of City Ganaur Dr. Nirmal Nagar Ji in Tehsil Level Competition at Anaj Mandi Ganaur on the occasion of INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION

  •   31-08-2023

  •   22-05-2022 | Download

    We feel highly elated to announce that our student #Akshit 12th Arts (2022-23) has been honoured by 'Deva Academy' for his brilliant performance (97.4%) in the CBSE Board result. He has been given a Scooty as an award.

    We congratulate Akshit and his family for this elegant honour and wish him the best of luck!

    We also appreciate the efforts done by DEVA academy chaired by Sh.Devender Kadyan ji, which recognises

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